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Who we are:

We're so glad you've found us! We are a church movement resourced by Cru and the Greenhouse Movement for UIC students.  We’re a Jesus-following movement that’s interested in meeting students wherever they are with their spirituality. We host weekly small group Bible discussions where students from all spiritual backgrounds can learn about Jesus, and have weekly worship nights where those small groups come together to connect, have a time of worship, and hear a talk. We also love hanging out together throughout the week outside of those times, and would love to get to know you!

Getting Connected

Interested in learning more? Click the link below to find out about our weekly events, and fill out a contact form so we can reach out to you!


Our Network

We are connected to a network of churches reaching out to and sharing the gospel with different communities throughout Chicago and beyond. Below you can find information about the different organizations that directly feed into Cornerstone Cru at UIC. 


Cru is a community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways.

We are committed to the centrality of the cross, the truth of the Word, the power of the Holy Spirit and the global scope of the Great Commission. Read our Statement of Faith.


At the Greenhouse Movement, we are following the Holy Spirit together for the spontaneous expansion of God’s Church. Our heart is to bring Christ’s healing Gospel to all people and all communities.


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 Cornerstone Family

The Cornerstone Family of churches is a part of the Greenhouse movement, and made up of five congregations in the city of Chicago. These churches are the 'immediate family' to Cornerstone Cru at UIC, and often host joint services or programs.

This family includes: 

Cornerstone Oak Park

Cornerstone Bridgeport 

Cornerstone West Loop

Cornerstone Little Village 

True Freedom Cornerstone 

Our team

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Nate Beasley 


Originally from the North suburbs, God grabbed a hold of Nate's heart from a young age and captivated him with a call to serve the church with his life. After marrying Sarah in 2011, he discerned a call to move to Chicago in 2013 to plant Cornerstone Cru. Nate's passion is to do all that he can to lift up Jesus so that others can encounter our Savior. In 2016 he and Sarah welcomed their twins Joshua and Eliana into the world! For fun Nate loves to juggle. He began a juggling business in 2008 named Catch This! and together with his friend performs at many venues across Chicagoland including Navy Pier and Six Flags.

ErinMarie McCauley 

Media and Communications Director

Hello! I am a fourth year Architecture Major from Iowa. I love traveling and getting to hear about peoples lives. I have had two dreams since I was three years old; to become an Architect and to travel. I moved to Chicago in 2015 to work on the first and during the summer of 2017, I backpacked Europe alone for three months, which was a good first step towards full-filling the second. Like most 18-year-olds starting college I didn't think much about faith or God, and certainly didn't think I would meet Him here in Chicago, but as usual, He had a different and much better plan for my life! So excited to be a part of this community serving God at UIC.

Cassie Hernandez

East Campus City Group Leader

Hi! I'm Cassie and I'm a third year here majoring in Russian. I was brought into Cornerstone Cru as a freshman after being invited to church by my roommate. Since then I have been involved in this caring, Christ following community of lifelong friends! My interests include watching movies, reading books, and spending quality time with people over coffee or food (food is always the best way to bond)

Kyle Crandell 

East Campus City Group Leader 

Kyle grew up and went to school in a suburb right near Flint, MI called Flushing. He attended Wayne State University in Detroit, MI to study nutrition graduating in 2017 with a nutrition degree, but God had different plans for him. Through Cru, his faith was revolutionized as a college student and opened his eyes to the brokenness that people have and the need for the gospel. He is super excited to be able to serve and see what God is up to in Chicago and at UIC. In his free time, Kyle enjoys running, telling jokes, and playing video games

Taylor Yangas

East Campus City Group Leader

Born and raised in the suburbs, Taylor discovered her passion for Jesus and ministry while attending EIU, where she was involved in the campus ministry of Cru. Her passion is for all to see the freedom and joy of finding our identities in Jesus in every season of life. When not working with UIC students, you can find Taylor playing video games, debating about Star Wars and Marvel movies, reading somewhere in Bridgeport, and salsa dancing.


Erin Walker

Congregational Leader/ Commons West City Group Leader 

Amateur cat enthusiast, professional Jesus enthusiast. Erin loves UIC so much that even though she already graduated, she came back to hang out with students and talk to them about life and faith.

Marjie Halko

South Campus City Group Leader

Hi! My name is Marjie and I am a Marketing major here at UIC. I came to UIC, my freshmen year, prepared to meet many new people and make many memories. I ran into a couple of people, took a survey and now I’m a part of the beautiful community of Cornerstone UIC! I’m a huge fan of hanging out and gathering community together! P.S. I’m also a big fan of Taco Bell; If you need a Taco Bell buddy let me know.     

Joshua Grile-Nielsen 

East Campus and Commuters City Group Leader

Josh fell in love with Chicago during a Cru Summer Mission to the city in 2016. After graduating from Ohio State in 2017, he moved to Chicago to work with Cornerstone UIC. He has a heart for the marginalized and the outcast of society. His life has been changed by the hope of the Gospel and he is excited to share that hope with students at UIC and those in the Bridgeport neighborhood. In his free time, you will probably find Josh at one of the many coffee shops in the city or reading a book in Grant Park.

Kenneta Cyracus 

South Campus City GroupLeader

Are you or a loved one suffering from mesothelioma? You may be entitled to compensation. All you have to do - okay now that I have your attention, I am a follower of Christ, vine and crime enthusiast, and one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet in your life. No matter what mood I’m in, I’ll sing Celine Dion’s My heart will go on in its entirety. I’m always down to praise and love our Heavenly Father because he loves us unconditionally, no matter what. 

Kaitlynn McKee

South Campus City GroupLeader

The Lord began to work in my heart the minute I stepped on campus my freshman year. I took a survey from Cornerstone-Cru, which is rare because I try to avoid people handing out surveys or flyers, and little did I know that a couple of questions on a sheet of paper would shape my entire college path. The Lord has moved more in my life in the past two years than I have ever experienced in the past 15 years knowing Him. He has opened up my eyes and heart to things I never knew I cared about and has showed me that he is the ultimate friend. I enjoy learning about him through others in city groups and look forward to all that He will do at UIC. 


Brandon Haak

Congregational Leader/ East Campus City Group Leader

Brandon is a senior at UIC studying Computer Science in the UIC College of Engineering. Brandon got connected to Cornerstone-Cru through a survey the first week of freshman year and the rest is history. His passions include Jesus and his Church, tech, sports, the outdoors, food, and coffee… lots and lots of coffee...

Tom O'Connor

Commons West  City Group Leader 

I’m new to UIC this year, and I am SO excited to be here! Seriously, ask any of these other people you’re reading about. So excited. love dogs, I have a storehouse of useless information when it comes to sports, and I’m pretty confident I spend more of my time singing than you. Most importantly, Jesus loves me and I love him. 

Anna Lee

Commuters City Group Leader 

Hi there,

I'm in my third year at UIC pursuing a major in Biology. I hope is to pursue medicine in the future. I met God at my home church back in Naperville. My other enjoyment in life (aside from God) is eating. This bio is supposed to be longer but I suck at talking about myself. 

John Kim

South Campus City Group Leader

What's up fellas. I am John and I am in my senior year, studying Teaching of English. Just a few things about me: I love spending time with God and people; I love working out; I love traveling; I love biking. Hope to get to know you guys!

Danielle Cull

East Campus City Group Leader

Hey friends! I am a junior here at UIC pursuing a major in Rehabilitation Sciences in hopes of getting to put "Dr." In front of my name one day. I didn't come into college looking to find a life long relationship with God, but I am so beyond blessed that the Lord never stopped pursuing me. I am really excited to experience what God has in store for us in this upcoming year. (I'm also really excited to shock you with my true personality). 

Emmanuella Ben-Eboh

South Campus City Group Leader

I am a senior design student who loves to sketch, paint, sing, dance and write. For me, this is what let’s me connect to God because he is the ultimate creator. I’m a really chill person and I just love to have fun with people. I like to think I’m funny but I know that’s relative!! Side note, I may seem like a crazy person the first time we meet, I apologize. It’s just my nature.