The Vision:

City groups aim to provide a space where we can spend time getting to know one another and build community within smaller areas of UIC.

Our city groups are about three things: gospel, community, and mission. We come together to build Community with one another, then explore what the Bible says about the Gospel - the good news that Jesus was a real, living person that came to reconcile us with God by dying for our sins, and then was resurrected. Then, we want to be on Mission to our campus and share that good news with others.

See the information below and come check us out! Whether you’ve been walking with Jesus your whole life, know nothing about him, or are somewhere in between, you’re welcome here.


Contact us directly at with any questions!


East Campus City Group

Tuesdays, 8PM in the Commons North Tower Lounge

(Courtyard/Commons North/Commons South)

Designated discussion groups:

CMN/S Guys: Brandon Haak (

CMN/S Women: Cassie Hernandez (

CTY Women: Danielle Cull and Taylor Yangas


CTY Guys: Matt Egeler and Josh Grile-Nielsen


International: Kyle Crandell (


South Campus City Group

Tuesday, 8PM in the JST Staff Room




Designated discussion groups:

Athletes: Sam Norwood (still to come)

Guys: John Kim  (

International: Emmanuella Beneboh (

Women 1: Marjie Halko and Kenneta Cyracus (

Women 2: Kaitlynn McKee (


Commons West City Group

Thursday, 8PM in the Commons West Tower Lounge


Designated discussion groups:

CMNW Guys: Tom O'Conner


CMW Women: Erin Walker







Commuters City Group

Small Groups: Monday, 10AM / Tuesday, 11:30 AM / Wednesday, 12PM / Thursday, 1:30PM / Friday, 2PM

(Pier Room)

Large Groups: Wednesday 3PM

Discussion group leaders:

Anna Lee (

Maggie Beckett (

Josh Grile-Nielsen (

Tom O'Connor (

Kyle Crandell (